S&P 500 Index fund vs an additional target date index fund

Hi, I have about $5000 that I want to invest. I currently have a Roth IRA account which I max out each year. I’m looking into an S&P 500 index fund. But I’m wondering if I should get another target date index fund (in addition to my retirement Roth IRA account) since it is more comprehensive with US, international and bonds. Or should I split the money and buy into both? Or split the money and buy into two different US index funds? I’m really just doing it for long-term financial planning, I’m 35 years old and want to retire at 60/65. Additionally I can contribute $200-$300 a month toward whatever option is the best decision. Also I’ve had my Roth IRA for probably the last 10 years or so. Thanks!

I’m wondering the same thing. Have you decided what you want to do?

Hi Sunny,
A target date index fund contains a comprehensive, diverse portfolio - enough for it to be the ONLY thing you own. It also contains the S&P 500 so buying this would not further diversify your portfolio.

These posts will help to further explain!

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Hi, Thanks for the reply. I know the difference between those two and personally I have both of them :slight_smile: Currently my targeted one is winning S&P 500. I’m just wondering what decision other people will make on those topic since I’ve only have my Targeted and S&P500 for a short time compare to 45years so.