Should I consolidate my accounts?

Hi Jeremy,

So I have the following accounts:


  • a Roth IRA - investing in FIOFX
  • an IRA - investing in FZROX
  • an IRA - investing in FIOFX


  • TSP - investing in C all stocks


  • Savings High yielding - emergency fund
  • Brokerage account but just play $$ with individual stocks

I’m planning on doing the following:

  1. Rollover both IRA’s into my TSP (this is an IRA when I was in the Military) put all of the money into their Targe age funds

  2. Not sure if I can roll over the Roth into TSP, if I cannot, I’ll keep it where it is now in Fidelity

  3. My Ally high yield saving, I’m not really getting alot of return for my $$$, what do you recommend I put Emergency fund money into?

** :brain:** Do you think this is a good plan? What would you recommend I do different? I value your opinion highly, thanks so much for your help as always!!!

I’ll cover this in tonight’s office hours (10/21/2020) with the recording available afterwards on the course site!

Thank you for covering this during the off hours!

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