Should I put money in my 403b or open a Roth IRA?

Hello, I am new here. It’s great to learn from all of you.
I am at the beginning of my investing journey and I wish to ask for your help. I currently work for a non profit and I have a 403b, my non profit does not offer any matching, but they send about $440 each month to this account (it is extra money that do not come from my paycheck).

I finally saved enough for my emergency fund and I now plan to start investing my money. Should I ask my employer to send part of my paycheck to my 403b or should I instead open a Roth IRA and contribute there?

Thank you for your help


Since they don’t match your 403b contributions, I would focus on making out Roth IRA first.


I have a 403b that doesn’t have an employer match either. I agree with maxing out the Roth IRA first.


I agree with the other two that a Roth IRA is likely a (slightly) better option, as it likely has lower fees and more investment options. You can see the priority I fund accounts on this page:

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Thank You Jeremy. I just completed the PFC Course and I realized I am now able to give myself this same answer.

Thank you all for your advices.