Should my spouse and I both open HSA accounts?

As of this year my husband and I are both on separate HDHP provided by our companies. My son is covered as a dependent on my husband’s plan. I have had an HSA for several years that I max out. My company matches a little bit each pay period. Should we now also open one from my husband? His company does not match. Or can we just throw the family maximum in my account? Thanks in advance for the advice!

You’re only allowed to invest $7200 between both parents no matter if you both have HSAs. In your case, I’d just max yours out to $7200, put your son on your policy as a dependent and forget about opening one for your husband.

I just wanted to add that if you put more than $7200 per year in your HSA(s) you’ll have to pay a 6% tax on that money until you take it out. It’s a lot of paperwork & not worth it.

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