Starting to invest -first timer with a new brokerage account - your thoughts?

Hi everyone/ Jeremy:) I am a total late bloomer , 50 y/o starting to invest ( due to family obligations) overall very diligent and responsible with monies. I have monies with royal alliance via a broker with John Hancock ( traditional IRA), Fidelity Roth and Traditional IRA from Optum company, BOK financial (Traditional IRA). Savings over $75,000 ( not doing anything).
Planning to organize my finances: roll over all retirement investments to fidelity traditional and Roth IRA, will deposit $7,000 for 2021. What are your thoughts on paying a fidelity advisor to manage this or should I simply ask for guidance and invest my retirement investment via Target date index funds and utilize this site for support to get started?

While on this site met with a broker from Empire South Financial in which I plan to start to invest a portion of my savings. From the last year it only made $3. 76 cents in savings. Awful waste of money- I know. He is charging me 1% for his fee and 0.45% for the platform = 1.45% total to manage my investment. He uses asset mark. I am choosing an aggressive portfolio ( to play catch up). Has anyone heard of this brokerage firm? Is this percentage reasonable? I have limited knowledge with investing and thought until I complete the PFC course and feel comfortable, It may be safe for me to invest with a financial advisor. I needed someone knowledgeable and savvy as I really need to play catch up. He seemed to follow much of the principles from our PFC community. I have a mtg with him and fidelity today and just now thought to reach out to this community for various perspectives. Thanks much …