Stick with a Target Date Index Fund w/10% expense ratio or move to mix of funds with cheaper expense ratios?

Anybody familiar with the following fund?
Expense ratio at 0.10%

This is the Target Date Index fund my company has me enrolled in, can’t really find a clear explanation whats in this thing.

Looks like its right on the cusp of the recommended < 0.10 %

Here are the low fee alternatives my company offers, was thinking of just moving my mix into a combination of the following:


|FXAIX|Large Blend|
|FSMAX|Mid Growth|
|FSSNX|Small Blend|



That link you sent requires a login, but I think you’re talking about this fund?

That looks like a fantastic option to me. Very low expense ratio (I consider anything unde 0.2% to be very low and further optimizing for expense ratio has diminishing value). It’s composed of a bunch of index funds, diversified across countries and company sizes. It rebalances and reallocates as you age. If I worked there, I’d definitely dump 100% of my contributions into that fund (or the fund that matches my birth year plus 65, rounding up)

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