Student Loan help

Hey Jeremy! I have a question!

I am a Physician Assistant and 27yo with about 145k in student loan debt. I refinanced twice and my interest rate is at 3.38% over the next 9.5 years. I pay $1492 monthly as the minimum. I do overpay $200/mo so I will pay off the loan in 8.3 years. I have no other debt and I have a 10k emergency fund. I currently make $105,000. With my side hustle that I started, it should be an extra $10,000/year, but that has started within the past month.

I contribute 5% to my company’s 401k and then invest $800/mo into Wealthfront. I am currently up 16% for the year.

Thus, my question is whether I should continue over paying the $200 a month to my student loans or just add that $200 into my investments into Wealthfront to make it $1000/mo. I ran it through a debt calculator and investment calculator and the difference in interest would just be a couple thousand but the investment difference is staggering. Can you help?

I would instead take the $800/month and put it toward your student loans, as long as you’re getting the full employer match on your 401k. How quickly will it be paid off then? 4 or 5 years to be completely debt free, and then you can invest $2500/month going forward!