Switch from VTSAX IRA in Schwab to SWTSX


Currently I have my Schwab IRA in VTSAX and have lost a lot. Should I stick with VTSAX or transfer it to SWTSX?

Thank you.

Hi @rygogg

Thank you for the question! Two thoughts from me:

  1. VTSAX and SWTSX are very similar funds with nearly identical performance. Here is their performance over the last 10 years. So, don’t use one over the other because of any performance concerns.

Investing in index index funds takes time and patience. Over months and a few years, anything could happen. The wealth is built by long term investors that are willing to leave their money sit for many years at a time!

  1. You should not continue to purchase VTSAX inside your Schwab accounts because Schwab charges a transaction fee for most non-Schwab Mutual Funds. You should buy SWTSX inside your Schwab account and VTSAX inside your Vanguard account (if you have one). PFC had a post about this recently! Please see below!