Target date index funds with TD Ameritrade

I was wondering about putting my Roth IRA into FIPFX but I have my Roth IRA through TD Ameritrade and FIPFX is not available with TD Ameritrade. Should I transfer to fidelity? Or is there something through TD I can go with? Where can i research more on target date index funds that TD ameritrade accepts.

Yeah, in my experience TD isn’t great with for target date index funds. I’m not sure they offer any. Switching to Fidelity is definitely an option, but if you want to stick with TD, I might consider a 3 fund portfolio like this:

A target date index fund is basically just a convenient package, inside of which is a 3 fund portfolio like this. (It also slowly shifts the asset allocation towards bonds as you age, but that’s over the course of years so not something you need to worry about for a while)


@Jeremy - thank you so much for this information! I was recently faced with the option of investing within my HSA through work with either TD Ameritrade or Devenir. I went with TD because I was under the impression that I would be able to trade with Vanguard at no cost. Is this something you have heard of or are familiar with? Ideally, I was trying to go for a TDIF that I could just focus on and dump money into. I logged onto the TD portal and looked at the Vanguard TDIF and the comparable Fidelity TDIF and had a very hard time understanding which was a better option… or where to look to see if in fact the Vanguard option would be at no cost. I am very new to investing and trying to learn from your blogs and the community here!