TCDRS retirement account

I left a job in Oct that I have a TCDRS retirement account with. I was not vested. It earns 7% interest/year. Would it be better to roll that over into index funds or leave it where it’s at?

Hi @lindeepyle - since TCDRS is a defined benefit pension plan, there can be a lot of factors that you will want to consider when making this decision. And each plan has different nuances when it comes to taking a lump sum distribution, so it’s important to talk with your benefit administrator, if you haven’t already, so you know all of the details.

The pros of taking the lump sum distribution are that you will have complete control over your money, you can invest it how you see fit, and can potentially earn more than the 7% over time.

But depending on your age, overall health, and how long you worked at your employer for, taking the lump sum might not be as good of an option because you might be giving up retirement income that can supplement the rest of your savings.

Sorry my answer was not more helpful, but there are a lot of factors to take into consideration when making your decision! I think the best place to start is with the benefit administrator to learn all of the payout options. Please let us know what other questions you have!