The PFC course is live!

Hey PFC Community!

After months of working on it, I’ve finally launched the Personal Finance Club course: “How to Build Wealth by Investing in Index Funds”

The course is an A-Z walkthrough of everything you need to know to invest in index funds. It’s designed for beginners or anyone who wants to solidify their understanding of index fund investing.

There’s a lot more info and you can sign up at the course page here:


Signed up last night, looking forward to the contentand upcoming office hours. :grin:

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Got it yesterday but I didn’t see the offer for the office hours how do add that at the discounted rate.

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Hey @Luvvjoy! Thank you for signing up for the course!!! :slight_smile:

That was my bad. I made the $99 version a little too hard to find. It’s easy to upgrade!

Head to this page and make sure to choose the $50 version (not $20/month). $50 + $49 gets you the bundle for the $99 discount price.

Let me know if you have any trouble! :slight_smile:

Hey Jeremy,

Congrats on going live with the course!

Tried to purchase mine, however, it won’t let me log in to verify my already existing account when I click on the course for purchase. I am, however, able to log on to PFC website/blog. Even tried to reset my password, but no success.


Hi Emira!

Unfortunately the course site runs on a different platform than this PFC Community. Figuring out how to connect all the accounts for a “single sign on” is a technical challenge (and expense) I haven’t conquered yet. So basically, you have to create a new login for the “course” portion of the PFC site. You can use your same email and password if you want. Sorry for the confusion!