Three Fund Portfolio with Non-Us domiciled index funds or ETS

Hello @Jeremy ,

Could you give some advise on the three funds to select for non-US investors?

Apparently US-based ones have tax downsides, and Irish seem to be advised (I am a Belgian national but live in the UAE).

Bit more info on the topic below, but it seems quite hard to figure out.
I set up an account with Interactive Brokers, and I’m trying to figure out my best strategy. PS. I have my money exchanged from dirham to euro as I live in Europe, but not sure if I can send and invest in euro via Interactive brokers (to avoid conversion rates and possible 25 dollar SWIFT wire fees for each transaction).

So the question is: can you advise on the best three funds portfolio that is non-US domiciled? Thanks!!'s_guide_to_navigating_US_tax_traps

This is something that currently out of my area of expertise. There may be tax or availability implications in different countries I’m not aware of. The bogleheads website is a great place to check. I also came across this site based in Singapore which seems to have some great info. They notably recommend VWRA as an all in one (100% equity) portfolio.