Traditional Vs Roth

I’m currently maxing out my 401k & this year I tried to do an even split between a traditional 401k, Roth 401k, & Roth IRA.

I know generally since I’m young (25) I should be putting more towards Roth but I also hate how much more taxes are taken off when I lean more towards Roth than traditional :sweat_smile:

It is normal fo feel like you don’t now what to do. Even the smallest things, I over think for days!!

Right now I have 10% Roth 401k
15% traditional 401k
Maxing out my Roth IRA
& maxing out my HSA (I haven’t really been investing in this yet, but I’m maxing it out)!

Any help would be awesome! I’m staying the course and want to feel better about taxes :sweat_smile: