Transferring an Actively Managed Mutual Fund

Hi Everyone! About 10 years, my mom passed away and I received a mutual fund through Janus Henderson Investors. I didn’t know much about it or how to manage it, so I’ve just left it there. After watching Jeremy’s courses, I’ve come to learn that I have an actively managed mutual fund with a .86% expense ratio (JACNX). I would like to move this investment to Vanguard into a non-actively managed index fund. I don’t know how to do that though and I’m not sure if I’m going to pay fees or taxes on that. I know that I receive a statement each year for the dividends that I give to my tax person. How do I go about moving this money from Janus Henderson into a new account at Vanguard? And does anyone happen to know if there are additional fees or taxes for this type of transaction? Please help!


Hi @Allie_A!

Thank you for the question! If you are on Facebook, the Personal Finance Club’s Facebook group has a lot of active members that can help with questions like this! Here is the link:

It may be taxable when you sell the Janus mutual fund, assuming that it is inside a brokerage account and has gone up in value over the last ten years. The first thing I would do is determine how much of an unrealized gain the Janus fund has so you can figure out how much taxes, if any, you would owe if you sell it!

Hi Shane! I just joined the Facebook group, so I’ll post my question there and see if others have experience with this. That’s good to know - I’ll have to find out about the unrealized gains. Thanks!