Two different TDIF's?

I have three accounts - rollover 401K, ROTH IRA and an investment account. After taking the first PFC course, which is amazing, I’m now trying to fix my positions.

  1. Would it be weird to have one account with a 2030 TDIF and another account with a 2050 TDIF?
  2. Ideally I would like to retire half time in Thailand in 8 years, but in the off chance that I don’t retire early I can trade my 2030 TDIF to 2050, correct? :slight_smile:

Thank you for the question @FIREat45pls!

No it would not be weird necessarily! You should try and align your investments with when you plan to spend the money. If you are potentially planning to use money in one account sooner, a more conservative allocation may make sense.

Depending on your age and overall situation, the account that has the more conservative allocation should likely be one that you can take distributions from without any penalties (brokerage vs retirement accounts). There are a lot of nuances associated with this, but wanted to mention it to ensure you plan for potential distributions in 8 years from now.

Keep us posted with any other questions!