Unrecognized Funds in my Target Date Fund

My company offers a Target Date Fund as an option inside of my 401k (Vanguard Target Retirement 2050 Trust Plus, expense ratio = 0.06% and turnover rate 4.82%). Overall, I am pretty happy with the fund as it is mostly holds index funds and is pretty inexpensive in terms of fees.

However there are two items in it that I don’t recognize and can’t find any information about; “Vanguard Fiduciary Tr” and “Cmt Market Liquidity Rate”. They aren’t a huge percentage of the portfolio, but I’m still curious to know what they are. Does anyone have any information?

Hi @Rowan_Walker!

Can you provide more info on where you’re seeing those two items? When I look up that fund, I just 5 recognizable things inside the portfolio: