Hello. My husband and I will be investing the money we receive for the child tax credit. I have a Fidelity account and am looking at an index and ETF. My kids are 14 and 13. I love the research so far on the Fidelity Index funds. I’m seeing also VUG ETF is a growth ETF. I would love some insight for those who have an account investing for their children. Apart from making them my beneficiaries for my investment accounts they don’t have something of their own. Any insight is welcomed.
Thank You.

The best thing you could do for your kids is to get them set up with their own Roth IRA called a Custodial Roth. 100% legal as long as they have their own income, but that can be from babysitting to lawnmowing and everything in between.

Both Fidelity and Schwab offer these accounts. I went with Schwab because they have much better customer service.

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