VFIFX rate of return for 2020 low or?

My rate of return for 2020 with my current retirement account (100% VFIFX) is at 2.3%. This seems low considering the overall growth experienced this year (and in comparing to my retirement account from a previous job that I never rolled over, which is doing considerably better). A quick Google search leads me to believe my rate of return for this year should be closer to 9%.

Am I missing something? My fear is that I (or Nationwide) didn’t set up something right with my account, and their website is the opposite of intuitive. Or am I just panicking for no reason?

Go to this page and scroll down about 1/3 the way to where it shows the growth of $10,000.


On the right where it says ADD A FUND OR AN ETF, put VTSAX in the box and select it. You’ll quickly see why I am not a big fan of these Target Date funds, they simply don’t have the growth potential of a total market fund.