Water, the future ‘New Currency’?

Hi Jeremy, I have a quick question for you. Looking forward to the next 35 to 50 odd years and beyond what do you think will be ‘the New Currency’? In the film The Big Short, Brad Pitt’s character talks about seeds being the new currency but I have heard some people say that water in the future is going to become very scarce all over the world, in developed and non-developed countries. I would assume that as the water companies that produce and own a lot of the water start to rise, they would naturally become larger proportions of the index funds which would mean whoever owns the index funds would also benefit and automatically own small portions of those companies?
What are your thoughts?
Thanks, Tom

The answer, of course, is I have absolutely no idea. Any crackpot theories I might offer shouldn’t be trusted.

But what I do know is that the sum total of human knowledge is constantly being priced into every stock in the stock market. So if you’re suggesting you could predict this future new currency, buy stocks that will benefit from it and outpace the market, that’s an unwise strategy. If you or I or anyone else has a hunch about this future new currency, that future value is already “priced in” to those stocks. In fact, all information is constantly being priced into all stocks at all times. That makes it impossible to “get an edge” on everyone else who is trading. So naturally, the way to maximize your own wealth is to buy and hold index funds to guarantee yourself your fair share of market growth. It will make you more money, and it also happens to be easier. Plus if you’re wrong and it’s not water or seeds, but ends up being natural gas or plastics or sand or who knows what, no worries, you own those companies too so you’re covered. :slight_smile:

Haha I see where you’re coming from but this might qualify as a “tin foil hat” prediction :rofl:. If I’ve learned anything from Jeremy it’s that you just need to buy the whole market (index funds) and you’ll guarantee yourself a piece of all future growth—no need to start thinking about future currencies or the next Bitcoin, just buy and hold index funds and “get rich slow” the no-frill but effective way!

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