Weird question

Hello fellow PFCers!

This is a weird situation but here goes!
I work with an employer who gives a pension with match. I contribute to this up to match and also put 6k into a Roth yearly. I am looking to retire around 45 (currently 25). I don’t know where to invest next - between a Roth 403b (without a match) OR a brokerage account. I understand the pre-tax benefits of the 403b option, but also like the ability to pull out of a brokerage account earlier without penalties (wouldn’t be touching it for at least 20 years). Been going back and forth about this for a of couple weeks now so I figured I would reach out to some experts:)
I am new at this financial literacy game so any advice would be super helpful!
Thank you!!


My general strategy is to always prioritize any tax-advantaged accounts. I talk to a lot of 25 year olds who are really worried about their money being locked away down the road, but I have yet to talk to a 45 year old who is SO RICH they could retire but they can’t because their money is locked away. (I mean, in the worst case you could just pay the 10% penalty, but there are lots of ways around that).

Check out this article on some ways to get at that money early:

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  1. You’re right lol
  2. You haven’t met many that have that problem yet because 25 year olds 20 years ago did not have YOUR CLASS and content to learn from! But maybe talk to us in 20 years:)
  3. This is a rookie mistake but I thought those rules only applied to Roth IRAs, but if I am understanding it correctly rules 4-6 on your post apply to any Roth account (IRA or 401k/403b). That is good to know and helpful in making my decision. Thank you finance guru!

Yeah, after you leave your company, you can always roll over your 401k/403b to an IRA (Roth or Traditional) to take advantage of options 3-6 on that menu.

I didn’t know this thanks for sharing and thanks @daalmyeonsauce for asking this!