Well paying careers/ looking for direction

What’s up yall. So as I’ve learned more and more about investing, the most important key is to have MONEY to invest. I recently lost my job due to Covid and am looking for some direction in life as I will have to start all over from scratch. Goal of mine is to eventually make 6 figures a year, so just wanted to ask anyone on this thread who might make 6 figures, What do you do? And would you recommend someone following that path? THANKS!!

A few ideas:

  • I would say anything in tech is a good direction to go in. Working as a technical person directly is probably the most valuable way to go. (You could consider doing a bootcamp style education to get up to speed on a certain technology that’s in demand in the market) But working for a tech company in some other capacity (marketing, sales, HR, etc) is also probably a good idea.
  • I don’t have any direct knowledge of this but whenever I hear of someone making $500K+/year and I ask what they do, they always seem to say “medical device sales”. I have no idea what that is or how to get into it, but they all seem to be making bank!

Thanks a lot! That is so weird, as “med device sales” and “pharma sales” seem to be the 2 careers that I also keep coming across. My problem is I have been touring with the Harlem Globetrotters the past 10 years so now I am almost 32 with no experience or skills other than putting a ball in a basket. Just trying to reach out to people like yourself who are smart. From the research I have done, it seems like the only way for someone like me to ever make a decent living ( To me that is 6 figures) is to go into Sales. Thanks!

I make 6 figures and I work in the IT department as a Director of Business Systems and I have my Project Management (PMP) certification. I’ve worked my way up in this field, but it is steady and lots of opportunities to advance. I’ve applied these skills at software companies and now I am at a behavioral health system in Corporate IT. Both are fast paced environments which keeps things interesting, there’s always some project or product to work on, requires creative problem solving. Overall, I love my industry and field. For reference, I’m 37 and got my BA in Communications in 2011 after I got out of the Army. I got hired after college at a software startup off Craigslist for $18-25/hr, changed employers 5 times and have moved up to 6-figure salary 10 years later.

I think it’s important to put time into perspective too. Regardless of what field or job you go in, it’s important to be know that it takes time to gain sufficient knowledge and experience that would justify a six figure pay. So be patient and set realistic goals for yourself so you don’t feel defeated.

For reference, i’m making six figures at 31 managing the administration and retirement benefits for employees of a corporation. That took 1 math BA (from U of M - go blue!), 3 promotions, 1 nerve wrecking salary negotiation after doing market research, and 8 years of sweat and tears for the company.

I see others above able to get to six figures via other jobs. So regardless what you choose to do, if you’re good at it, then people will pay you what you want. So I wouldn’t worry too much about what job can pay you most, but figure out what skills you’re good at, enhance it, then let the rest come to you. Sales jobs are interesting…if you choose that route, I would suggest selling only what you truly believe in, whether that’s a product or service - it will be tough if you don’t believe in what you sell.

I’m a speech language pathologist and made six figures three years in. While I think my job is great it requires a two year masters and prereq courses. Money wise it seems like tech is the way to go since you can learn in a relatively short time and get paid a lot right off the bat. I’ve honestly considered a career change to something more tech related or perhaps language/tech related. Good luck and I’m sure you have many transferable skills so don’t sell yourself short!

Hey! I am in pharma sales and am in that 6 figure theshold. Took any sales job I could find when I started and leveraged it into a new job where I am now. Happy to help if you want to shoot me a message to get into sales