What happens to a timed index fund in the end? Does it have an expiration date?

I have a timed index fund that is dated 2025. What happens after 2025?

I understand that the fund will allocate its assets conservatively by 2025.

Can I just keep my money in the fund?

Thank you.


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Hey Pauline, I believe the correct term you’re looking for is target date index fund. These funds are based on the year you plan to retire and will adjust asset allocation to be more conservative as you approach retirement / your target year. You never have to take your money out of this fund! After the target year is reached the glide path will continue to become more and more conservative over time to help protect your investments against risk as you get older.

You can look at Vanguard’s target date “glide path” here for an idea of what the asset allocation looks like over time: https://institutional.vanguard.com/VGApp/iip/site/institutional/investments/TargetDate

Jeremy also has some good resources here: https://www.personalfinanceclub.com/seven-reasons-to-put-100-of-your-portfolio-in-a-target-date-index-fund/

and here: https://youtu.be/7DY8Qdcvvso

Thank y ou, Tom Berry. This is music to my ears. Yes! I can leave my $ in the fund and it will still grow, albeit slowly. I’m good with this!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Happy in California

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