What should be my preferred mode of retirement investment option if I am only offered a Roth IRA but need to file married-separately in order to qualify for PSLF?

I’m a doctor with 160k in student loans. I will be in training for 6-7 years anyways so PSLF makes a lot of sense for me. Wanted to get started on my retirement now even if it’s a small amount. I was really disappointed to learn that I didn’t qualify for a Roth IRA because of my filing status. My wife makes six figures and it would drive up my monthly payments for my student loans if we were to file jointly. Is there really no retirement plan with incentives for me? Does the government figure I’m benefiting so much from the PSLF program that I shouldn’t qualify for any other financial benefits?

Im not familiar with how PSLF work. But you can always do traditional IRA which does not have income limit.

If you don’t qualify for a Roth, you can always open and fund a traditional IRA. You could also get a HDHP and open and fund an HSA account.