What should I do with my 401K balance right now?

Hi Jeremy,

I have been maxing out my 401K since 2014. I’m 37 years old and initially I had a TDIF but 2 years ago made changes after talking with a financial planner. When I look at my current investments I have about 40% of my existing balance sitting in WF Stable Value bonds with no further contributions to this and about 55% in VFIAX and currently contributing 25% to this. About 3 months ago (After following Dave Ramsey for a while) I changed my future investments to a 25% split between VFIAX, VIMAX, VTIAX and FOCSX.

Now that I have started learning from you I have some questions.

  1. Would it be best to transfer all of my current investment balance back to a TDIF right now?

  2. How would I know if this change would result in any taxes/fees?

  3. My 401K plan only offers Blackrock TDIFs so my option would be LIPKX targeted for 2050. Do you think these Blackrock TDIFs are a good choice?

Thanks for your help!