What to choose in a 403b? No s&p 500!

I have a 403b with Lincoln through my employer. After Jeremy’s course I checked on the fees and they are not great. Also, the target date fund is not an index and the holdings look like the old spaghetti thrown on the wall bit. I have been maxing out for the last few years and I can increase that to $26,000 starting next year. Unfortunately, the funds available are very limited. No S&P or total market funds. I did however find VIGAX and wanted to know what anyone feels about this fund. I researched it on google and it looks like it follows the Russell 1000. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Check out this article!

VIGAX is great, although it’s only “growth” stocks, so it will perform a little differently than a total market index fund. Sometimes with a 403b you just have to bite the bullet and pick either the not so great target date fund or a 2-3 not so great other mutual funds. But it doesn’t actually make a HUGE difference because you probably won’t have your money there forever. So when you leave that company one day, roll your 403b over to an IRA then you can pick low fee index funds! :slight_smile: