What to do with cash for "possible" house down payment?

Hello PFC Fam!

My wife and I have been saving for many many years, mostly because we’re frugal, but ultimately we wanted to , or in other words, need to move a bigger place than our current 1.5 bed apartment, since we’re a family of 4!!!.

As many others PFC members living Orange County CA know, rent prices are CrAzZyYY!!! (ask @vivitron if you don’t believe me) , and house prices have sky-rocketed during the Pandemic and most of the time end up in bidding wars that completely make most non filthy rich people, feel bad because of the impossibility of not getting any offers accepted, anyways now to the question.

So far we have been able to save up a good chunk of change ~$400 K , this was (is) to be used for down payment, but it’s more and more evident that we can’t find a house we can afford, so what to do with this money, since the normal rule of thumb is , if you’re going to use it in less than 5 years , it should not be in the market, as of right now most of it is in municipal bonds, collecting next to nothing in interest, at a time when there’s no interest , this has been the “next best thing” , but now I’m wondering if we not end up buying for the time being, what would be the wisest thing to do with it.

Hi @FernandoN!

I’ll cover this in tonight’s office hours (9/15/2021) with the recording available afterwards on the course site!

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