What would you do?

Hi! Is it better to pay $79/night at a hotel via group rate OR use 21,600 points for the same room at the same hotel (retail value $216) ?

My thought is that the points are free so go that way, but it’s extra for no reason?

Whee, my area of expertise! Which hotel chain are you booking with? It’s almost certainly a very poor use of your points (which points are you trying to use to pay?).

Full disclosure: I wrote this article specifically because I answer this question a lot. :slight_smile: I go into a bit more detail, and I think I explain some exceptions at the bottom.

Should you use points or cash to book hotels?

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It was a helpful article! Thank you so much. The hotel chain is westin and I’m trying to use my bank of america worldtravel points

I’m glad it helped! That’s a really good group rate; I hope you can take advantage of it.