What's a Blended Fund Investments?

My 401(k) has me investing 100% in a target date fund (“Blended Fund Investments”). Is Blended Fund Investments the same as a three-fund portfolio?

I’m thinking about rebalancing to 2 US index funds and 1 International index fund. Should I rebalance 33.3% for each? I have a target index fund in my HSA.

Hi Suj! Thank you for the question! A “blended fund” is a general category that target date funds fall under. Do you know which target date fund you use in your 401k?

Yes, it was [company name] Retirement Date Fund 2055. I don’t see a ticker symbol (should it have one)?
In any case, whiel the expense ratio is not too bad, I didn’t want to be in a target date fund so I switched over to 3 index funds. I hope I’m on the right track!

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Thank you for letting me know!

They don’t all have tickers. Some 401(k) plans use a lower cost version of the fund that doesn’t have a readily available ticker.

I like that you are being thoughtful with your investments and taking action. Both the target date fund and a three fund portfolio are great choices!