Which index fund?

Hi! I want to sock away money into any low-cost index fund that’ll average return 10% like PFC posts on instagram. Which ones should I invest in?

Hi Rik! We don’t know how they will perform in the future, but there are lots of index funds that have historically returned about 10% on average.

We prefer target date index funds for maximum diversification and simplicity:

But there are plenty of other (less diverse) index funds as well: What is the best index fund? Comparing US total market and S&P 500 index funds – Personal Finance Club

I also recommend that you read this article:

It’s hard to give a clear cut answer but hope that helps!

Thank you so much, I will read those now !

Is there some sort of chart where we can see how much monthly contributions we should make and what that will amount too?

Try putting your numbers into our investment growth calculator! I think 7% is a reasonable forward-looking projection that takes inflation into account:

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