Which TDIF year would you choose?

Well, if no one else is going to take advantage of these office hours questions, you know I will! :sweat_smile:

So I am 28 and will be 65 in 2057. By common TDIF logic, I would round up and invest in the 2060 TDIF. But as you’ve previously stated, TDIFs if anything have a tendency to be a little too conservative too early and an easy way to combat that is to just choose a later year for your TDIF, such as the 2065.

I don’t love the idea of being so bond-heavy and would rather be aggressive longer into my later years, but it’s also difficult for me to look into the future when later I might be more concerned about wealth preservation than growth

I know you’re going to say it doesn’t really matter and you’re splitting hairs, but which would you choose in this situation: the 2060 or the 2065?

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