Backdoor roth is too difficult

2 different tax accountants dont know what brackdoor roth is …so I’m afraid they won’t know how to fill out form 8606 correctly… should I just pay into a brokerage instead? Its seems like a hassle…

Find a different tax accountant who is more knowledgeable and capable, OR do it yourself, instructions here:

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Actually, better than a tax accountant, for these type of planning questions find a financial advisor who is a fiduciary.


I 100% concur with @Mindi , it’s time to either (a) find a different tax professional or (b) find a financial advisor who is a fiduciary. I prefer the latter myself because in my honest opinion they will have a holistic approach to your finances, and should present you with good strategies.

You got this :fist:t5:


It’s actually really easy! If you have Fidelity or Vanguard it is literally a few clicks and you can do the conversion! Below is a link on how to do the conversion! I just opened one up with Fidelity and started the backdoor conversions! The only key step when you open an account is to make sure your cash is sitting in a cash settlement account that is FDIC insured and not a money market account because it’ll start earning interest which you don’t want. Then after a few days once the money is settled then you can start the conversion! And once your funds are in the Roth IRA account don’t forget to invest!


Thank you. This article was very insightful. I will look into this.